Saturday, April 11, 2009


Marley is Caleb's rabbit and the newest addition to our family. We picked him up on Friday and Caleb absolutely loves him. In fact, Caleb told me today that he likes Marley more than Aidan. (I'm not sure I really believe this) Caleb and I had just watched the movie Marley and Me this past week, so I'm guessing that's where the name came from.

We all had a great day together, with Caleb doing an early Easter egg hunt in our backyard. He'll have an egg hunt tomorrow with the kids at church and I'm hoping I'll get more pictures then.


Robyn said...

Well, Marley is adorable, but your boys are STINKIN' ADORABLE!!!! Oh, dear. They have gotten so big! I just want to pinch that Aidan's cheeks.

I'm glad y'all have had a fun Easter! Too bad it couldn't have been spent here in our bathtub . . . my favorite Easter by far!!! Love you!

Robby and Lynsey said...

Absolutely precious! The bunny and your kiddos. :)