Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach fun

This past Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach in Santa Monica. We've had really warm, beautiful weather this week, so we packed a picnic and headed west. Chris and the boys played in the water and I had a blast watching and chasing Aidan. The water is freezing so I don't get in unless it's VERY hot out. We had so much fun and look forward to going many more times this summer.


Matt and Lori said...

How fun! Must be nice to have the beach so close. I love the picture of Aidan crawling in the sand...too cute!

Oh, Matt and I are going to try to be in Oklahoma around the 4th, so we can hopefully see you guys! We're going for Daren's graduation in June & just planning on staying for awhile!

gamehaus said...

Who's that old fart with the tatoos in the photos!!