Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aidan's Christmas Program

This past week, Aidan had his first preschool program. The two year old class sang Jingle Bells and they each had little bells to ring. It was so cute! I knew my little Aidan was on the small side, but I had no idea he'd be the smallest in his class. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality and energy!

Caleb also had his program this week, but there were so many people there I couldn't get anywhere close enough for a picture. Caleb was asked to do a speaking/singing part alone this year, but he was just too nervous to accept. We're hoping he'll decide to go through with it if he's asked again next year. He has such a pretty little voice.

We've had a wonderful fall! We have all been busy and I just haven't felt like trying to post it all. We had a fun Halloween that included Lori coming to stay with us, a trip to fabulous San Francisco for Caleb and I, a couple trips to Disneyland and a relaxing Thanksgiving for my little family of 4. The kids are so excited for Christmas, with Aidan asking daily, "is it kwissmiss yet?". We are looking forward to the time off from school and work and hope to see extended family soon after the holidays.


Robyn said...

Oh, you're boys are just too big for words!!! I just want to eat them up! Sure do wish we could see your sweet family over the holidays. Missing you lots!

Matt & Lori said...

Um...if you haven't noticed, I haven't worked on your blog yet. Sorry! I have kind of been a slacker. I'll get to it soon...I hope! Merry Christmas!