Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Bithday Aidan!

My baby turns 2 today! What a firecracker this little one is. He definitely keeps us on our toes. Chris looked at me the other night and said, "I think we're going to have our hands full with this one." He is a feisty little man, but is so much fun to be with. Over the last year he has started talking and now repeats everything we say. He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and can count to 10. He's learning his colors and knows the names and sounds of several animals and also loves to dance and play at his Gymboree class. I also have to say that even though he loves and adores his brother and Daddy, he is still a Mama's boy. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Mimi and Grandpa (or PeePaw, as Aidan says) will be here next week, so we are waiting on them to have a little party. We're so glad they are going to be here to share this time with us.

We love you Aidan!


Robyn said...

Oh, my! 2 years old??? Already??? Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Aidan! I can't believe that he is 2 and my baby isn't far behind on turning 2 with him. I can only imagine the trouble they will cause when the get together this summer!

The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

He looks a lot like his big brother! I loved watching him "grow up" in the pictures!