Monday, February 22, 2010

Santa Barbara Zoo

Last weekend we loaded the boys up and headed to the Santa Barbara zoo. We have the L.A. zoo that is really close, but it is enormous-too much walking in-between exhibits for two little boys. We have been to the zoo in Santa Barbara before and think it's perfect. It's much smaller and has a lot of open grassy areas to run and play and it also has a great playground. It is only a 90 minute drive, and so pretty. The last half of the drive, the freeway runs right along the ocean. Chris and I love everything about Santa Barbara. We visited there several times before we had kids and hope to continue to go back for family vacations and those rare occasions when its just the two of us.

We all had a bit of cabin fever and last weekend was just what we needed. The boys were on their best behavior and we all had a wonderful time. We finished the weekend off with church on Sunday and our local park that afternoon. Chris was off work on Monday and we spent a lazy day at home. It was the perfect weekend!

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