Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm still alive...

We have had a busy but great holiday season. Since my last post, we have moved to a new house, gone to Oklahoma to visit family, and had a birthday party for Chris. Chris has also just quit his job(hallelujah) and starts at a new and smaller firm that will allow him to spend much more time at home.

I am currently in Montgomery, Al visiting my sweet friend Robyn. Chris was wonderful and took a couple extra days off between jobs to stay with the boys so that I could have some great kid-free time.

We have had major problems with our internet since we moved, so as soon as that is up and working, I'll post new pictures of the boys.


Matt and Lori said...

I love the new background...and the new picture of the boys!

Mom of 2 Maniacs said...

your boys have a funny way of looking just like Chris when they are babies and you when they grow up.