Saturday, October 18, 2008

A visit from Mimi & Grandpa

About a week and a half ago, Chris had to leave for San Diego to go to trial. We have known this was coming for sometime, but kept hoping the case would settle. It didn't. So here I am with 2 kids and no family ANYWHERE close and my husband is expected to be gone until the middle of December. I maybe crazier than I already am by the time he gets home! Anyways, to help me out, my parents came for a visit. Caleb had fun carving a pumpkin with his Grandpa and mom and I got to shop about 30 min. before Aidan was tired and fussy. It was so nice to have help with the kids and I even got to go out with Jesse to see a play in Hollywood at a great little theatre.

Below are pictures of my parents with the kids, some of which are of the jack-o-lantern that Caleb named Daphne. (Can you tell he loves Scooby-D00?)

As for Chris, he will hopefully get to come home to visit for a day or two here and there and we will be going down to see him as often as possible. I complain about being left alone with 2 kids, but he definitely has the tough end of this deal. He is under so much stress and is absolutely exhausted-I feel awful for him. (For all of you attorneys or an attorney's spouse out there-he is on track to bill about 2700 hours this year.) But a good change is on the way, which I'll be able to blog about later.


Matt and Lori said...

I'm sorry Chris is away! I definitely know how you feel...but I don't have 2 kids to deal with! So Chris will be in San Diego until December? That's a long trial!

Robyn said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! Come to Alabama!!! I'm praying for you, friend. Let me know if there is anything I can do from a far. I love you!!!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

Thank goodness for grandparents,huh!! I'm glad Chris got to come for a tell what your future holds! We miss yall! :-)